Rooted in Wyoming | Big Horn Ram Harvest
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About This Project

Rooted in Wyoming’s first project…built by sheer grit and determination! With no funds at that point, only time, intention, willingness to dig the holes, move the dirt and investment of the group’s own dollars. Ram Harvest took the longest to build to date, but is a project we are proud of for this school. This garden is now in full production, serving as an outdoor extension to the classrooms at Big Horn School, with many families involved in summer maintenance.


Community Partners: SCSD #1, Farmers’ COOP, Seeds for Stewardship, Wyoming Roofing, Spartan Construction, Win Supply, Garber Construction, Sheridan Landfill & Wayne Gable


For more information or volunteer inquires, contact:  Caroline Houck  //


Big Horn Ram Harvest

Big Horn, Gardens