Rooted in Wyoming | Highland Park Garden
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Highland Park Garden

About This Project

This raised bed system was constructed in 2017 through a grant from Home Depot and the determination of a few PTO members.  Dave and Jennifer Craft, a teacher at the school, provided soil for the beds and coordinated the work efforts alongside Principal Scott Cleland.    The beds are shaped like an “H” and “P” to represent school spirit!  Various classes at the school have worked in the beds.


In 2020, founding RiW board member, Pam Standish and her husband John created a “Square-Foot-Gardening” project in the “P” and created a pumpkin patch in the “H”.  With the help of neighborhood kids who attend Highland Park Elementary, this garden is a thriving educational hands-on garden experience for the children who attend this school.


For more information or volunteer inquires, contact: Pam Standish //


Highland Park Garden

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